Le Chevalier Blanc
Do you have a facebook account or a fan page? :)

I do, lol~! 

It’s https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tora-rin-Cosplay/211584982265957

I went to Chinatown to get food for the Chinese New Year for my professors and an old coworker (whom are Chinese).

I also dressed as a school girl, just because. Photos taken by the talented Zekie Cho!

Your boyfriends a lucky fella, you're so beautiful! Also, how old are you (I think someone asked this already) and are you planning on going to any cons anytime soon?

I’m lucky to have him! He’s a cutie pie!

I might not be going to cons until AX. I need to focus on my Masters Program.

Oh, and I’m 23. ;p


here’s some kiyoshi valentines i made for friends on twitter

credit to the last one to the amazing jay and her pick up line

What are you going to school for? Masters, that's incredible! Keep at it, that's an incredible accomplishment!

Asian Studies, still deciding on whether to focus on it from a business or government standpoint. I guess I’ll take whatever the job market offers me. lol

How old are you? It's ok if you don't want to answer

I’m an Obaachan, I’m a 23 year old Grad Student trying to get my Masters, whhooooo~ ;w;

Hi I was the anon who asked if you were straight or gay. I wanted to answer your question about how I knew you were in a relationship. I knew because you did say that you were in a relationship on tumblr, I just forgot where you said it. Anyways, have a nice day.

I mentioned it on Tumblr? lol, I totally forget these things sometimes. >///<

He’s a nice fellow from Japan that I met through work and we live in the same area~ *w*

[mini fic!] She learnt the signs. Sometimes, her curtains stirred, despite the windows being shut; sometimes, the scent of lilies flooded her room. Ichi would brush her hair, preparing to greet Nagamasa's ghost. [♡ from a sengoku basara fan]

Hnnngggg~! I love BASARA~! <3 

I’m big fan of the series and want to cosplay Mitsunari again or another character. 

Are you someone who is really into ecchi anime? If that is so, you are awesome to let very one know you are. If not, oh well.

I’m very into Ecchi anime/manga! 

In my spare time I like to read エロ本. xD


You are beautiful!

Oh gosh! Thank you! I don’t really think I’m that beautiful though >///<

I understand that you are in a relationship but I was just curious. I don't mean to come off as rude of course. But are you straight or gay? (I have a feeling I know which one you are though) and secondly, if you were straight, would you consider going out with a girl? And vice versa, if you were gay, would you consider going out with a guy? OR do you not care about what gender, but rather personality, manners, etc.? Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions. Hope you have a nice day!

I’m actually Bisexual because I’m attracted to both Male and Female physically (Personality is very very important too, lol). I considered going out with girls before, I chased after a girl for like a little more than year before my current relationship. 

lol, how did you know I was dating? I didn’t mention it on Tumblr. >///< 

Wouldn't it be easier to just turn off anon, if anon's bother you? (눈‸눈) They're way less likely to harass you, when you can block them~ Simple Solution (♥ó㉨ò)ノ

lol, What made you think Anons bothered me? 

I don’t usually care if I get Anon questions. 

What other characters would you want to do a gravure shoot for if you had the opportunity?

Umm… It depends. If it’s a character from a pretty ecchi series I might consider it (or if it fit the character). 

I wouldn’t do it for any character out of the blue, but since Rosario + Vampire has a lot of fan-service, I decided to (and I couldn’t think of any other poses).

Oh my god the Ahegao faces

It needed to be done.

I hope you yaranaika posed at least once. What did you end up wearing for it?

I did not, I mainly made faces I didn’t mean to make and I made a lot of ahegao faces on purpose. 

I was in the uniform and then eventually in lingerie